Our shoppers are hard workers. This position requires driven, reliable individuals who understand what it means to put the customer first. Hear it from the shoppers themselves: 

"An outstanding Shipt Shopper is devoted to great customer service, is attentive to details, has pride in doing their job well, communicates well, cares about the members and is personable!" - Linda N.

"A very time managed and reliable person who holds perfection and excellence as the only acceptable standard.  A person who will go above and beyond to ensure that standard is met and maintained no matter the circumstance or situation they are faced with." - Jeff P.

"...compassionate, caring, meticulous, hard-working, observant, and willing to please. Shipt Shoppers should take pride in all they do!!" - Beth F.

We work very hard to provide every Shipt Shopper with the best experience possible. In order to create and sustain that experience, our shoppers must work hard along with us. "Teamwork makes the dream work" and if you are willing to put in the effort, we'll do our best to help you succeed!

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